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I'm Appuni, I'm glad you made it to my page.


I'm a South Asian full spectrum care worker rooted in unceded Ohlone land, also known as Oakland, California. My practice is QT, BIPOC, neurodivergent, and survivor centered. I am here to help you as you navigate any and all transition. 

I was trained by and currently organize with the Roots of Labor Birth Collective, a coalition of BIQTPOC birth workers

I speak English, Malayalam, and have medium fluency in Spanish. 



I strongly recommend Appu's doula services... I knew seeking doula services was important to ensure mine and my daughter's health and needs were heard and we were safe.  


They provided comprehensive prenatal education and postpartum care. We learned so much from their water birthing and breathing techniques.


Their warm, compassionate, caring approach was truly appreciated!

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